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Why can't I use my name servers while they are working on other domains?

Last Updated: May 19, 2017 11:14AM CEST

For some registries the name servers have to be configured as per the registry DNS policy and requirements.

Prior to applying name servers to your domain name, you can run a name server check on the registry website to check if the name servers you want to apply match the registry requirements.

If you encounter an error message, you will need to send the report to your name server provider.

Please find below a list of registry sites where you can run the name server check.

For .FR 
For .DK 
For .DE 
For .HU 
For .LU 
For .IT
For .NL 
For .NO 
For .SI 
For .IS 
For .MX

Please configure your Name Servers before attempting to apply them, the result of the test must be SUCCESS.