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How do I transfer my .CO.UK, .UK domain to another registrar?

Last Updated: May 10, 2016 07:57AM CEST

In order to transfer your .CO.UK and .UK domains, you need to first ask your new registrar for their IPS tag. 

Once you receive this information, you can proceed to re-tag your .CO.UK domains in your EuroDNS account.
  1. Log in to your EuroDNS account and go to the DOMAIN NAMES.
  2. Move the cursor on the domain concerned and click on Manage.
  3. Under Transfer, click on Transfer to another registrar.
  4. Type the new registrar tag and CONFIRM.

You can use the Nominet Registry WHOIS database to check if your domain has been re-tagged accordingly:

If the new IPS tag is not visible, be advised that some registrars need to approve the transfer, please check with your new registrar if they need to approve the transfer.