EuroDNS | Introduction to SSL certificates

Introduction to SSL certificates

Last Updated: May 10, 2016 06:37AM CEST

Why use SSL certificates

Displaying an SSL certificate verifies that your website is trustworthy and secure. It tells your visitors that it's safe to share sensitive information, such as logins and credit card details, and they can place their orders with confidence.EuroDNS SSL certificates provide you with the strongest encryption available to ensure your websites are always protected. Our Certificate Authority, GlobalSign, brings 15+ years of experience, and is used by companies such as Microsoft, Mozilla, Blackberry, and Java.

  • Strength, speed, & security
IPv6 infrastructure ensures the fastest secure site load speed in the industry, so your customers are never left hanging.
  • Universal device support
Your visitors will know they are safe and can shop with confidence as our SSL certificates are compatible with every popular browser, application, and device.
  • Support that’s second to none
​You’ll receive a fast and professional response from a EuroDNS industry expert, via phone or email. We never outsource. 
  • Boosted SEO
Your website’s page ranking will improve because Google rewards sites which are SSL certified, in their mission to keep everyone safe on the web. This Moz Blog post explains how and why.

Select the SSL certificate to suit your website

Nowadays it's rare to visit a website that doesn't display a padlock and employ the https:// protocol. This being the case, end users on entering a site without these visible trust indicators will usually bounce out and find an alternative site.

Deciding which certificate to use depends on who you are and what you want to do. Some organisations want to encrypt information purely for confidentiality. Whereas others want to enhance trust in their security and identity, showing their end users that they have been authenticated and are legitimate.

For instance, Extended Validation SSL certificates offer the highest level of encryption and whilst being available for all business types, they are strongly recommended for websites vulnerable to hackers, such as financial institutions and governmental entities. This certificate has the highly visible green address bar, letting your customers know that you have the highest level of security. Extensive vetting of company information is performed yearly with full disclosure in your SSL certificate.

The Alpha SSL certificate brings basic security for a single domain, whilst the Domain Validation SSL certificate will configure multiple domains. Company background checks are not performed with either of these certificates. Organisation Validation SSL certificates are for larger businesses requiring a higher level of authentication; background checks are performed and displayed in the certificate. For more details about each certificate, please read 'What do the different SSL certificates do?'

Compare the different levels of SSL certificates available.